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  • Image of 5-in-1 LED Skin Rejuvenation Wand
  • Image of 5-in-1 LED Skin Rejuvenation Wand

5-in-1 LED Skin Rejuvenation Wand

$43.89 $63.89


5-in-1 LED Skin Rejuvenation Wand

$43.89 $63.89

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¡Your very own portable esthetician!

The 5-in-1 LED Skin Rejuvenation Wand combines the benefits of 5 professional facial treatments to give your skin a whole lot of love. It offers a perfectly catered skin treatment with multiple adjustable settings, making it perfect for all skin types and ages

✔  5 advanced skincare treatments in just one facial wand: Enjoy the benefits of Radiofrequency (RF), Microcurrent, LED Photon, electroporation, and mesoporation therapies at home

Microcurrent: Four elements are used to ensure that the electrical current works randomly and stimulates the muscle tissue very gently causing a secondary muscular movement that preserves the skin’s elasticity and suppleness.

Electroporation: Introducing beauty essence into your skin. This beauty machine is used for collagen injection without a needle. Macromolecular components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid cannot easily penetrate the deep layer of the skin from the surface. But with our special technology called “Electroporation,” you can achieve a high level of effectiveness without any pain.

Mesoporation: Nutrition import penetration compared with ions from the skin surface is 1mm about 10 times, 4mm about 27 times. The active ingredients in the skin can guarantee. Which can function efficiently, so you really feel the skin improvement and delay aging effect.

LED: For the treatment of acne lesions. It works efficiently without damaging the skin by using an especially sensitive LED light developed exclusively for beauty equipment.

Radiofrequency (RF): For detoxification, lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation. Electrical energy tends to follow the shortest distance between two electrodes. When electricity runs through living tissue the high energy flow generates heat as a characteristic of the electrical energy and the resistance to electricity by the living tissue. This is another feature that adapts electricity to be gentle on the skin.



       5 wonderful Benefits: These advanced skincare procedures offer Skin Lifting & Tightening, Wrinkle Removing, Skin Brightening, Pore Reduction, and Improved Nutrient Absorption

    RED LIGHT: used to treat wrinkles and enhance regeneration of collagen.

    YELLOW LIGHT: used to Whiten the skin.

    GREEN LIGHT: treats pigmentation, dark spots, freckles, and improves overall skin tone.

    BLUE LIGHT: kills bacteria, promotes blood circulation, clears acne.

    PINK LIGHT: used to whiten, provides uniformity and luminosity to the skin.




    WHY ORDER THE 5-in-1 LED Skin Rejuvenation Wand?

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      HOW TO USE:

      Step 1: Ensure device is charged (3 hours for the first use)

      Step 2: Clean skin and apply a moisturiser or serum.

      Step 3: Press POWER once to turn on. Press POWER again to increase Intensity up to level 5. Press POWER after Level 6 to turn OFF. Start on a low intensity level and increase gradually.

      Step 4: Press LED SEL to rotate color function, depending on your goal.

      Step 5: Move the device slowly from bottom to the top of your face and from inside to out. Gently massaging your face with the device for 10 minutes - 3 x per week.

      Step 6: Device will shut off automatically after 10 minutes of use.


      Skin may feel warm while using, this is normal.

      Ensure skin stays moist while using, apply more serum if needed.

      Ensure all 4 metal heads are ON skin when using.

      The device does not vibrate.



      It will take 1-2 days to process your order. We ship from Monday to Friday. All shipments will be shipped with a tracking number so you can always know where it is and even track it on our designated tracking page.


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      5-in-1 LED Skin Rejuvenation Wand

      $43.89 $63.89

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